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Friday, May 3, 2013

Rick Ross And Reebok Reunite! Will Ross Get His Deal Back?

                       Rick Ross Reebok

They gonna be mad for real if this one comes true!

There is sufficient internet chatter about this for me to write about it. Word on the street is that its not out of the question that Rick Ross will get his deal back. The talk started with Swizz Beatz through a post from Miss Info.

Wow, after that comment that the Reebok CEO made earlier, this reunion photo from Swizz was quite unexpected. But it’s funny because earlier today, another big-name artist told me that they had heard rumors about Reebok re-signing Ross. I scoffed at the idea but low and behold… it’s seeming much more possible, right? Now at the same time, Lil Wayne’s apology letter may have come out with some strong encouragement from Pepsi/Mountain Dew on the eve of Wayne’s next round of DeWeezy campaigns. Get the pattern here?

After the way Meek went at Reebok, I don’t know!

Here is the “reunion” of Swizz and Ross….
                   rick ross swizz beatz reebok

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