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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Keri Hilson Makes FUFU/AKPU For Her NBA Star Boyfriend – Serge Ibaka [Photos]

Serge Ibaka has got Miss Keri Baby making that fufu!

The singer/songwriter who regularly gets attacked by Beyonce stans is dating NBA player Serge Ibaka who is a power forward for the Okhlahoma City Thunder. Yesterday Keri Hilson tweeted a picture of herself making fufu, with the caption “making fufu is a reaaal workout! gotta put your back into it”

Before Nigerians go and start claiming that she is making fufu cos she is seeing a Naija man. Let me point out that Fufu isn’t just synonymous with Nigeria, it is also a staple food in Central & West Africa, and her man is originally from Congo. Congolese-Spanish to be exact.

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Either way she has found herself a FINE, rich African brother and if she has to turn fufu to keep him then by all means make that fufu Keri!
Serge you better marry her…she’s a keeper

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