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Friday, May 24, 2013

DJ Khaled Won Instagram This Week

Attention all of you people out there who are trying hard to be good at Instagram: just give it up and go back to posting dimly lit photos of the fried frog legs you had at dinner the other night, because DJ Khaled — the man perhaps most famous for randomly yelling “DJ KHALED” in tracks that feature him — is just better at Instagram than you are. Obviously.

With that said, a couple of quick announcements: we’ll be around this weekend, posting sporadically. Of particular note: Josh is going to binge on the new season of Arrested Development as soon as it goes live and will write up a recap/discussion post shortly thereafter that will go up at some time on Sunday. On Monday, I’m going to post my recap/discussion post on the previous night’s episode of Mad Men around noon or 1pm EST. Also, Burnsy may pop in on Monday to toss up a post or two if anything strikes his fancy. Otherwise, we’re going to try to take it a little easy this weekend, just as I’m sure a lot of you are planning to do.

With that said, have a great one.

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