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Thursday, April 18, 2013

UPDATE: Boston Bombing Suspects — FBI’s Official Suspect Photos Released

                              Boston Bombing Suspects

A new set of photos, provided by a bystander who witnessed the Boston Marathon and the subsequent explosion on April 15, may be helpful in leading investigators to the perpetrators of the attack. The photos show two men, wearing running gear and standing with suspicious bags, near the finish line before the fatal blasts.

The attached photos are being circulated in an attempt to identify the individuals highlighted therein,” said an e-mail obtained by the New York Post. “Feel free to pass this around to any of your fellow agents elsewhere.”

The photos in question show one man carrying a blue duffel bag. The other man with him is seen wearing a black backpack in the first photo, taken at 10:53 am, but the backpack is missing in the second, taken at 12:30 pm. The first explosion happened over two hours later at 2:50 pm.

Officials have reportedly identified two potential suspects through surveillance footage. Authorities know the names of the suspects, but don’t have enough information to arrest them, sources tell the Post.

It’s unclear if the two men in the surveillance footage are the same two men in the new law enforcement photos.

The man in the blue track suit used his Facebook to say, “Going to the court right now!! S*** is real. But u will see guys I’m did not do anything.” Several hours later on Wednesday evening, April 17, he posted again: “back home! everything is fake but god is with me.”

There were two explosions at 2:50 pm on April 15, near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. About 183 people were injured and three were killed.

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