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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nollywood movie stars engage in séx game on movie location


Nollywood entertainers’s engagement in adult game on movie set is not a new thing and to further verify the story, Nigerian Yoruba actress Mojisola Olaiya popularly called Moji Olaiya has come open.
In a recent interview with Kayode Aponmade, see Moji Olaiya’s response below;
Kayode Aponmade asked: But do you agree that actors and actresses sleep with each other on location?
Moji Olaiya said: It is possible. Séx is an adult game that requires both parties to agree. Since no one has ever complained of being raped, there should be no complaint about that. Other people in other professions also sleep with each other.
No wonder they never marry each other. Make dem take things easy oooo

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