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Friday, April 5, 2013

Lil' Wayne bounces back

LIL' Wayne wants all the haters to know that he doesn't give a hoot what they think and say just as long as his women loves him. Yeah that's a lot of censoring, we know, but its Weezy, so we have to tone it down a bit.

The popularity of this song comes at the perfect time as this is the kind of message Weezy wants to send across to everyone who thought he'd be old news after his death scare two weeks ago.
The rapper suffered multiple seizures and was admitted to hospital for a few days.
His condition was so serious that at one point he was reportedly in the intensive care unit. Whether or not this was a PR stunt for his upcoming album I Am Not A Human Being II, we're just glad that he didn't die from something as silly as sizzurp, a cough syrup-laced drink.
As he gears up to release IANAHB2, he roped in his fellow Young Money artist Drake and rapper Future to feature on the third single Love Me.
The single was leaked in December last year and with hip-hop cats and clubs raving about it, Wayne had to drop the video which was shot in January in Los Angeles.
If you're wondering what the video looks like, you can catch the Love Me visuals on Trace Urban. The video opens with a scene focusing on Future as he sings, "I'm on that good kush and alcohol . Imma ball 'til the day I fall".
Drake then hops in and raps "I could give a f*** about no hater . long as my b****** love me",
Wayne jumps in and then all hell breaks loose. Okay maybe a little too dramatic, but the video is good.
Staying true to his image, Weezy is surrounded by a bunch of beautiful women all seeking his attention and he caters to all of them. We love the bits and pieces of "animation like" visuals, they'll keep you hooked

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