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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian 'Growing Apart And Spending Less Time Together'


They were once inseparable accompanying each other everywhere, but as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s joint appearances begin to dwindle, it has set off alarm bells that all may not be right in their relationship.
According to sources, the once loved-up couple are "growing apart" due to Kanye’s desire to put some distance between himself and the Kardashians to focus on his career.


"[Kanye] worries his association with the Kardashian brand and reality show could hurt his own fanbase and image and it’s getting to him. He isn’t keen to be on anymore shows with her," an insider told Heat magazine.
"It’s overwhelming Kanye is an only child, whereas the Kardashians are always in each other’s business – he isn’t used to all that. He wanted to remove himself from the hectic Kardashian family bubble for a while."
Kanye apparently told Kim that he needed alone time to work on his new album and fashion line in Paris – but it seems the Otis rapper’s insistence he resides in Europe for a while is at odds with the reality star’s hectic work schedule in the US.
"Kim’s got a lot on, too, she rarely takes a day off. And she’s got her family commitments to think of," the source continued.
Kim recently voiced her worries during an episode of Kim & Kourtney Take Miami that she felt her dress sense was having a negative impact on Kanye’s image, and it seems that the father-to-be is growing increasingly tired of Kim’s constant insecurities.
"Kanye doesn’t get why she’s so worried about her body. They’re creating a new life," the source said.
Added to the tension is that the rapper allegedly won’t be returning to America until June 7th for the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York, but Kim’s divorce trial is set to begin May 6th.
"She kind of resents the fact that this is something she has to deal with on her own. Even when she had her big deposition, she was alone with her lawyer – Kanye feels he can’t get involved."

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