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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Illuminati Songs: 33 Lyrics About The Secret Society

Whether they’re seriously concerned about the New World Order or just looking for a word to rhyme with “Bugatti,” rappers can’t get enough of The Illuminati. While there are countless songs referencing the NWO, selling one’s soul and Free Masonry, here are 33 actual mentions of the secret society in rap songs.

Prodigy of Mobb Deep, “I Shot Ya” Remix
“Illuminati on my mind soul and my body/ secret society trying’ to keep they eye on me…”

Rick Ross (Ft. Diddy) – Holy Ghost
They say I’m gettin’ money, must be illuminati
/Talking to the Holy Ghost, in my Bugatti

Black Milk (Ft. Danny Brown) – “Wake Up”
You illuminati, n*gga I’m Jason and I stand Adjacent, dawg no replacement

Capital STEEZ – “Free the Robots”
A dream 

Illuminati tryin’ to read my mind with a eagle eye
 /And the haze got me thinkin’, why

Meek Mill (Ft. Chic Raw) – “Fender up”
Illuminati wanted my mind, soul, and body They ask me would I trade it for all for a Maseretti

Meek Mill- “Intro Dreamchasers”
I’m getting money, must be Illuminati They think I signed up cause I just bought a new Ferrari

Jay Electronica – “The Announcement”
Hieroglyphics in the shrines for the mummies/
We not illuminati but our eye is on the money

Rapsody – “Kind Of Love”
Triangles we throw like the Roc’ Kill speculation, Illuminati, I’m not

Pusha T- “Doesn’t Matter Lyrics”
I can get your eulogy on YouTube for instance ,Have the whole world view the body .Since y’all claim I’m Illuminati, tell me why would you try me?

Yelawolf – “Be The One”
I’m not sure if you’re aware or not but I’m Illuminati We controlling the minds of all the youth

Lil B – “Swag Jerry Rice”
I’m the mafia
/I think I’m a illuminati plus I got this shotgun
/AK still loaded, got my guns on layaway

Dr. Dre – “Been There, Done That”
Money is the root I want the whole damn tree/Ain’t tryna stick around for Illuminati, Got to buy my own island by the year 2G

50 Cent “I’m On It”
If Jay’s Illuminati, what am I, am I Bugatti? Lodi Dodi, we like to party

Big K.R.I.T. “I Heard It All”
In my mind, it’s ’bout rhyme, I’m just tryna speak freely,My shawty feel illuminati’s real and they might kill me For voicing my opinion, scared to die but this ain’t living

Kendrick Lamar, “HiiiPower”
Who said a black man in the Illuminati, Last time I check, that was the biggest racist party

Lupe Fiasco, “Building Minds Faster”
N*gga, wake up, don’t join the Army Kill your own peoples, but fear Illuminatis And they ain’t even real, or are they?

Public Enemy, “See Something, Say Something”
Running from the paparazzi/Dirty mind and tap water Consumin’ yo’ body/ Illuminati in the tomb
Poisonin’ the womb

Crooked I, “Everyday Lyrics”
Quick question, who embodies skills If you don’t buy my shit I bet the Illuminati will n*gga

Kid Vishis, “Go Hard PT. 1″
It cost me nothin’ to take your money…Ruger by me /You with a gun is a bigger myth than Jay-Z in the Illuminati

J.Cole “Miss America”
This is dedication/Slit your f*ckin’ throat and blame it on my medication/ Illuminati meeting, showed up late and met a Mason

Kanye West, “Diamonds” remix
Illuminati, High society/We in this party and nobody invited me

Jay-Z “Hot Tottie”
Call me King Hov, copy?/Big ballin is my hobby So much so they think I’m down with the illuminati

Eminem, “Game Over”
Illuminati is here, yeah, human oddities At odds with us, just whats gotta be

Rass Kass, “Ispit”
Rasy should be more popular to the populace They hate me mostly cuz I’m smarter plus my skin chocolate Illuminati tentacles wanna drown me like an octopus

Mos Def, “Fortified Live”
The interplanetary Illuminati move your body/I trekked the stars first, so f*ck Kirk and Scotty

Nicki Minaj, “Out of My Mind”
You know, I graduated summa cum laude/That’s why they thinking I’m Illuminati

Wale, “Self Made”
I don’t gotta join illuminati just to get a new Bugatti I’m just ridin I done put a thousand miles on my body

Young Jeezy, “Never Die”
Guess they find it odd how a n*gga beat the odds No illuminati never been a fan of Satan

Immortal Technique, “Cause Of Death”
And you can’t fathom the truth, so you don’t hear me You think Illuminati’s just a f*ckin’ conspiracy theory

Childish Gambino, -”You See Me”
I got a bunch of jackanapes at the back of me That’ll lacerate anyone in the back of a matinee
And laugh while they masturbatin’ all over your beaten body Sick Boi forever, that Suburban Illuminati

Homeboy Sandman, “Canned Goods”
And everybody’s talking about HAARP Hypothesizing how apocalypse about to start And how Illuminati’s reaching their goal As far as global population control

Kanye West, “Freestyle”
A black man interested in art, speaking from the heart and playin’ my part And all this illuminati talk, like my first hit single wasn’t ‘Jesus Walks’

Layzie Bone, “Can’t Give It Up”
I’m comin through with the motherfuckin shotty I really don’t wanna hurt nobody; just kill off Illuminati



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