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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Diddy's House Reportedly Targeted In Celebrity "Swat" Prank

                                              Diddy's House Reportedly Targeted In Celebrity "Swat" Prank
TMZ reports that Diddy's house was the butt of a joke today, when 12 Los Angeles Police Department cruisers rushed to the mogul's L.A. residence.

Over a dozen LAPD cruisers were photographed rushing to and parked outside Diddy's Los Angeles, California mansion this afternoon. TMZ.com posted the exclusive flicks. While details are still emerging, the gossip site alleges that the Bad Boy Records mogul is the latest target in a celebrity "swat" prank.
By loose definition, a "swat" is when police are told a serious incident is taking place at a victim's address. When authorities rush to the scene, they learn that the false report was made by a third party. Other celebrity targets of late include 1990s Country star Billy Ray Cyrus, and R&B singer Chris Brown.
Diddy's West Coast residence is reportedly near to longtime star of The Office, Steve Carrell. TMZ reported that they initially believed Carrell to be the target. Diddy has yet to respond to the incident.
Being found guilty of a "swat" is a punishable offense by law.

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