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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Badagry (traditionally Gbagle) is a coastal town and local government area (LGA) in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is situated between Metropolitan Lagos, and the border with Benin at seme. As of the preliminary 2006 census results, the municipality had a population of 241,093.

Founding and early history

Founded in the early 15th century on a lagoon off the Gulf of Guinea, its protected harbour led to the town becoming a key port in the export of slaves to the Americas, which were mainly to SalvadorBahia in Brazil. From the 1840s, following the suppression of the slave trade, Badagry declined significantly, but became a major site of Christian mission work. In 1863 the town was annexed by the United Kingdom and incorporated into the Lagos colony. In 1901 it became a part of Nigeria.
Badagry subsists largely on fishing and agriculture,and maintains a small museum of slavery.
This is the first storey building in Nigeria, overlooking the Marina waterfront. It was built in 1842 by the missionaries. Also, it is where the first story-building was built ind Nigeria. Right beside the first story building is where Fredrick Lord Lugard built his own accommodation in Nigeria.

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