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Friday, April 5, 2013

2 dead at day care


A tragic event reported by the Associated Presson Friday, April 5, 2013, details that a man shot another man dead at a day care in Quebec, Canada and then killed himself. The 53 children present at the day care were evacuated unharmed and kept safe. Police said though that some of the children may have watched the killings.
"2 dead at day care" began trending late on Friday evening, and it was feared that Canada now had its own version of the deadly school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Police received an emergency call on Friday about an armed man with a shotgun threatening people, said Gatineau Police Chief Mario Harel. Upon arriving, they found one man dead with a shotgun beside him and a second man, a yet unidentified day care employee, also dead.
The shooting appeared to be related to a recent separation between a couple, but no further details were given.
The Racines De Vie Montessori day care is located in two homes, and police say a body was found in each one. Sergeat Jean-Paul Lemay advised all of the children were sage at a nearby house.
There was no word on whether either man was linked to a child at the day care, but an investigation into a link between the two of them was underway. Sadly, police believe some of the children may have witnessed the killings

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